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Aerial Roof Inspections


Why should you use a drone to have your roof inspected?

Roof inspections can be risky, expensive, and tough for steep roofs or large complexes. The use of drones minimize or completely eliminate most of the risk such as falls or collapsing roofs under an inspectors feet. Having your roof inspected by a drone will provide you the owner written and photographic documentation of the inspection.


7 reasons why you should use a drone based roof inspection by Falconseye Aerial Solutions.

  • Provides safe inspections emlinating the risk of injuries.
  • Lets the homeowner see the roof.
  • Ability to collect in-depth data.
  • Drone based roof inspections are less costly.
  • Inspect where ladders can't reach.
  • Able to reach high areas that a person couldn't reach.
  • Less Disruptive.
    • No need for scaffolding , cherry pickers, ladders which equates to less noise and mess. 


Why Choose us for your roof inspection.

FalconsEye Aerial Solutions LLC is a licensed and Insured local drone business based in Dayton, Nevada. We truly care about delivering quality Aerial Roof Inspections at low cost to our clients.  Whether it is for your home or for commercial roof inspections, using a drone to inspect your roof is quick, thorough, and gives you, the home owner or business owner the opportunity to see what a roofer would see.