Birthdays are special events that we all want to cherish


Let our professional photographers capture every special moment and leave you and your family free to enjoy that special day. Falconseye is the leader in Nevada Aerial Photography.

Special Photos


From the ground or from the air FalconsEye Aerial Solutions, LLC can capture those special shots like no one else can.

From 1 to 100


Preserving those special birthday memories aren't just for children;  let us capture those moments that can be passed down for generations to come.

Childrens Costume Parties


Let us capture every little ghost and goblin for you and your child to remember.

Adult Costume Parties


How many times in our adult lives have we had those great Halloween parties but no pictures to remember them by because we all had just a little too much of the party libations?  Let us get the shots that everyone wants to remember, and maybe forget!  Group pictures subject to everyone still being able to stand.

Bacherlor/Bacherlorette parties


This package is strictly for the daring. Strict confidentiality in all photos/videos taken.